Survey: Undergrad Biomaths

Mathematics Content of UK Higher Education Undergraduate Bioscience Degree Courses

 The survey is now closed.

This survey aims to assess the mathematics and statistics content of undergraduate bioscience degree programmes in the UK. We would like to know what mathematics qualifications students begin their courses with and then to what extent their mathematical and statistical competence is extended through their degree course and how this is achieved. Finally we would like to hear your views about the purpose of mathematics provision within bioscience degress: in particular are students prepared for the basic mathematical tools they will need in a biology lab? or to read scientific papers? or to participate in systems biology and/or computational biology research?

 We would like to follow up with a number of individuals to capture case studies and your participation would be warmly welcomed.

 The results of the survey will be compiled into a report to be prepared for the UK Centre for Bioscience and made available on its website.

 This survey is aimed at those organising bioscience degree programmes (not including medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine) and those involved in teaching the mathematical and statistical components of these degrees.

 There are five sections in this survey and many of the questions are optional. The survey may be completed anonymously though we will need to know your institution to avoid duplication. It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

 Thank you in advance for your assistance and participation

The survey is available at:


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