Dr Jenny Koenig: a little about me… I am a pharmacologist interested in science education especially the way in which maths is applied within biology.

 I have a PhD from the University of Cambridge and a BSc from the University of Sydney.  I divide my time between my education consultancy Science ETC (www.sci-etc.co.uk) and teaching at Lucy Cavendish College (where I’m a Fellow and Dean) and Wolfson College (where I’m a Senior Member) in the University of Cambridge.

My pharmacology blog is called Science ETC and recent work in that area has included talks and lectures on pharmacology for a general audience and schools, for undergraduate level and postgraduate level and continuing professional development. See the links above right for more details.

I’ve started this “BioMaths” blog to keep track of things I’ve been working on in relation to teaching mathematics within biological sciences in Higher Education. I wanted to pull together articles, information and comments on some of the following points:

1- It seems like everyone is saying there is a decline in the mathematical skills of new undergraduates. What is the evidence for this?

2- Does it really matter if biological sciences graduates can’t do much maths? What do employers think?

3- What is being done at University level to try to address this issue?

4- Does it really matter for the graduates going into biological sciences research?

5- How can we improve biomaths education in HE?

6 – Can we get mathematicians to speak in english rather than mathglish?


One response to “About

  1. Almost 30 years have passed and now on opposite sides of the globe and we are both interested in the learning and teaching of maths in the life sciences, very serendipitous! — Leon Poladian

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