Pooling maths resources in Sydney

It appears there are similar issues in Australia to the ones in the UK. Students are not choosing the best school subjects to prepare themselves well for science, engineering and maths at University. Part of the solution is for academics to get together and share ideas and strategies:


The main reason why students are not choosing maths is attributed to not having enough maths teachers but I wonder what other factors might be considered. Is it a matter of an uninspiring curriculum? Or perhaps poor communication between maths and science teachers so that connections between the subjects are not emphasised? It would be interesting to find out.

On a more inspiring note:

The forum will allow academics from around Australia from at least 15 different universities to share current practice and openly and frankly discuss problems and common issues.

Just what we need in the UK!



One response to “Pooling maths resources in Sydney

  1. Rosanne Quinnell

    The aforementioned event was dominated by mathematicians teaching maths in maths depts. I think the transferring of numeracy skills by students that they have learnt in maths into experimental sciences, such as biology, is a different (although related) issue and has unique complexities.

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